Monday, August 18, 2008

Google News gets a big update

Google News got a big layout update today
here is the new Google News page.
It looks really odd nice!
Dont know if people will like it!.


It seems Google pulled down the update as soon as it came!
I found it at around 9.55pm PST. Now after 30 mins it disappeared.

Also click on the image to see the new favicon Google is planning for Google News.

Update 2
In depth review
There is a new section called "developing stories"
In the stories section, now youtube news videos appear directly no need to click the "+" sign
Another change is that now images now appear in medium sizes instead of the previous small stamp size, almost the same size of youtube videos
Local section now has weather information prominently displayed

Last but not the least now "quotes" are appearing more prominently as here.

I have a full page image here

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