Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Skype releases official wifi phone for 159$

Skype has released a its first official Wifi phone. Now you can buy it for 159$. Along with it you will get 500 minutes of SkypeOut minutes and one year voicemail. The phone is from SMC, which is not that great brand-wise.
Skype is also giving a FON router along with this.
Skype and Google have invested in FON, which is the largest community of shared Wifi hotspots in the world. Previously it was said that the phone will look like this,
but the model now released isn't that gorgeous. Still no news about the free calling within US and Canada, if it will be continued beyond the year or not. Anyway unless I hear about it I am happy with my sipphone. I use Skype a lot now, but still I cannot agree with its business model around a proprietary encoding and non-standard voip adoption.

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