Monday, December 11, 2006

Amazon learns from Xbox mishap, changes 'terms' of customer vote program.

This thanksgiving Amazon turned the online community upside down by offering Xbox 36o for just 100 $. But it was not a very sweet experience for most netizens
World's largest online shopping mall was down for almost 15 minutes when all the gamers out there tried to grab this sweet deal. Those 1000 pieces where sold out in some 30 seconds.
One guy even sued Amazon for not getting one of those.
Some even suggested new techniques to avoid missing such a deal in future (use https instead of http).
But all these has gone under the water, Amazon has changed the policy now.
Now you need to 'vote' for the item you are interested in the voting period. Then you stand at a chance of getting the claim code which will be distributed only to people who voted.

I think Amazon should not have done this. Anyway this shows that Amazon doesnt want to repeat the mishap that showed its own EC2 in a very bad light.

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