Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Good day, I am Mr. Leopold Buhendwa from Malawi; I was the personal assistance to late Mr. Arthur E. Frederick, who died in the Tube explosion at King's Cross-and-Russell Square in London. He was prosperous businessman oil Merchant). He left behind a deposit of sixteen Million two hundred thousand US Dollars in his security/finance Company in Europe were I am currently. I am unable to make claims of the funds because the law of the Netherlands doesn't permit asylum seeker to participate in business transaction hence I need your assistance to support me make claim of the this funds to enable me complete the charity project in Malawi for the helpless youth and children as Late Mr. Arthur E. Frederick, Proposed. Subsequent to my efforts to have possession of his funds, the bankers lately determined that I should provide his close relative to inherit the funds within 21 working days prior to the restructuring of the banking institution or the funds would be subjected to dormant. Thus, given that the mandate is high priority, I have a desire for you to participate as the next of kin in an attempt to overcome the diktat given by the bank and also to enable me accomplish the charity project with the funds; I will offer you 20% for your assistance, Note: this transaction is 100% risk free and legal. I have the entire document to claim the funds as soon as we establish contact I will forward you the document and security company contact information's. Let me know your willingness to pool resources with me or I should contact another person forthwith. I earnestly anticipate your prompt reaction, Please Send all response to me via my private email address below. Best regards Mr. leopold Buhendwa N:b My private email address is: ( ( include your Name and private phone numbers in your reply to enable me call you for better understanding and easy communications.

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