Friday, June 13, 2008

Upload PDFs to गूगल-Docs

From: Google Docs Guide 3
Date: Jun 13, 10:57 am
Subject: Upload PDFs to your Docs list
To: Announcements and Alerts

I'm happy to announce that you can now upload PDFs to your Docs list.
All you need to do is click the 'Upload' button and browse to the file
you'd like to import into Google Docs. You can store up to 10MB per
PDF from your computer and 2MB from the web in your Docs list, up to
100 PDFs.

While you can't edit PDFs (yet), you can view them by clicking on them
in your Docs list. The Docs list search box now also searches PDF
titles, and the Docs list Share feature now also shares your PDFs -
just select the PDF and click the 'Share' button.

Once again, your suggestions helped lead to this new feature. Keep the
ideas coming!


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