Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Xbox 360 for 100 USD!!!

Xbox 360 is available from amazon for 100 USD. Only 1000 pieces will be available and the sale will start from 11am PST on Thursday (23 Nov 2006). You have to go to this link here.
If you buy it directly from amazon catalog you will not get it for the deal price, read here.

To make sure you get one of those 1000 pieces try these tips

  • login in Amazon early itself.
  • make sure you have your credit card info or paypal info saved in amazon
  • You can use this firefox extension to auto-reload the page here
update: the item got sold out in 3 minutes, I tried but the amazon site refused to load for me. Anyway I learned a new trick, use https:// instead of http:// when this happens next time :)

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