Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Google pulls plug on "Click to Call"

Update: Google has brought back the service as of 22 Nov 2006. No news from Google about why the service was unavailable for almost a day.
Google atleast for the time being seems to have pulled the plug on "click to call" feature from both Google Local and Google Maps. Check this out, these links had click to call feature for every business when it was launched a week back, now they are missing, here and here
I think the wide spread abuse of the feature was the main reason as explained here
check out the snapshot.
Even the example shown in google blog, the hardware link is not showing up the Click to Call link..
As of 1.15 CST 21 Nov 2006 there is no posting in google blog about this change..


BlackGold786 said...

I got a call link on there.

Dr Ortho said...

Yes, after couple of hours of me posting the story google apparently brought back the service.
So far no news from Google about why the feature was unavailable

Anonymous said...

I just tried the Google Click to Call service and it is awesome.

Click to Call on Google

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