Monday, November 27, 2006

Wal*Mart to enter the largest market in the world >> India

The largest retailer in the world Walmart is going to enter (one of) the largest markets in the world, India. Walmart's 315 billion dollar revenue outsmarts many countries in the world, but until now couldn't get access to India's vast market. So it has teamed up with Bharti Enterprises.
It will be exciting to see how the socialist government of India reacts to this entry.


sthorne said...

Wonder if they handle the market better than they did when they went into Germany. The person they hired to voersee German operattions didn't speak any German and opted to live in England rather than Germany. I think Wal-mart stuck it out about 4 years before they sold off the stores earlier this year.

Dr Ortho said...

I really doubt if Walmart can enter Indian Market in the next 3 years. The present government has communist parties as allies and they are already opposed to Walmart entry.
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