Thursday, November 23, 2006

How and Why Techcrunch ditched MyBlogLog ?

UPDATE: MYBLOGLOG has reappeared on Techcrunch. No news on what really happened..
Today I was doing my routine check on Techcrunch and I felt something odd, MyBlogLog is missing. Although I wasn't a big fan of MyBlogLog, but I got to know about them through Techcrunch only. Techcrunch recently wrote a story about MyBlogLog about to be acquired by Yahoo , and that was on 17th Nov and MyBlogLog was still their on Techcrunch sidebar.

"MyBlogLog is a blog community and analytics tool used here on TechCrunch (see sidebar) and many other blogs around the web. Just recently out of beta, the site gained traction in a hurry."
I wonder if that story has to do something with this latest move. Google cache still shows MyBlogLog in Techcrunch here. You can see the screenshot of that sidebar along with this post

update: Or is it because of privacy concern as Crunchgear points out.

I had a doubt if this was because of some technical issues at the MyBlogLog end as happened with Google 'Click to Call' early this week, but MyBlogLog sidebar is working in other sites.
Does Techcrunch has the moral responsibility to inform users when they decide to stop using a feature?
my answer- Techcrunch and many super-blogs got their popularity by writing similar stories about other websites, so I think they do have that responsibility.

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